How to settle with your employer

In this video, Valla CEO, Danae Shell explains:
  • when a settlement might be a good idea
  • how to ask your employer for a settlement
  • a process for figuring out how much to ask for
  • negotiation tactics

Resources mentioned in this webinar

Without Predjuce Letter Template

A Without Prejudice letter can be used to start settlement negotiations with your employer anytime, before or after you’ve made a claim to the Employment Tribunal.

By using ‘Without Prejudice’ in a letter, you can ensure your conversations stay “off-the-record” and can’t be used in any court proceedings.

Schedule of Loss Template

If you’re successful with your claim, the Tribunal needs to know what you’re looking for as an outcome. A Schedule of Loss lists all the losses that you have incurred as a result of your employer’s treatment.

This template helps you set out a clear and professional Schedule of Loss for Employment Tribunal.