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Dismissal and redundancy

Dismissal is when your employer ends your contract of employment. You might also call it being ‘sacked’ or ‘fired’.

A redundancy is a particular type of dismissal which happens when a job is no longer needed by the employer. Redundancy comes with additional requirements and rights compared to other types of dismissal.

Where to start

I've been dismissed: what are my rights?

If you've lost your job, your first thought might be "was it fair?" In this article, we'll help you understand if your dismissal was lawful.

9 minute read

What to do in the first 24 hours after you’ve lost your job

Losing your job, especially unexpectedly, can be a hard adjustment. Learn how you can set yourself up for success within the first 24 hours of losing your job.

7 minute read

Dismissal and redundancy guides

Examples of real dismissal and redundancy cases

Real examples of employment tribunal claims for workplace discrimination, and why they succeeded or failed.

Templates you can use in dismissal and redundancy cases

These document and letter templates are useful in cases of dismissal and redundancy.

Help a friend or colleague

  • Become a discrimination first aider

    Become a first responder in times of crisis – someone that others can come to for help, trained in the basics of what rights employees have, discrimination law and work and what steps they can take next.

Other useful resources