Written Submissions Template

What's included:

  • A template to write your written submissions for an Employment Tribunal hearing.
  • Downloadable document in .doc and .pdf formats.
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Why use written submissions in an Employment Tribunal:

Written submissions are how you can make your best arguments to the Tribunal at the end of a Final Hearing or a Substantive Preliminary Hearing. Use this when the Tribunal has ordered you to prepare written submissions, or you just need a bit of help with how to put your arguments forward to the Tribunal.

Examples of when written submissions apply:

You can use written submissions in your Employment Tribunal case. Here are a couple of examples of this happening:


Piper has a Final Hearing coming up. She wants to prepare her written submissions so that she is ready to refer to the laws and facts that apply to her case.


Danny has a Preliminary Hearing on the issue of whether or not he was disabled under the Equality Act 2010. He writes written submissions which draw upon the evidence heard at the hearing.


How to write written submissions for an Employment Tribunal

When you have a Final Hearing or a Substantive Preliminary Hearing coming up, you can start writing your written submissions. You should:

  1. create the template in Valla
  2. attend your hearing with a draft version of the written submissions
  3. take notes during the hearing of the witness evidence that helps your case
  4. update the written submissions based on any relevant witness evidence
  5. provide these to the Tribunal on the last day of the hearing, giving the Respondent a copy too.

Why use Valla?

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