Our Team

Brittany Hernandez

Partner Engagement Executive

It is my privilege to serve as the link between Valla and our incredible partners. Through building relationships and identifying opportunities, I help Valla grow to its full potential as a business and agent for positive changes in the legal landscape. It is through these strategic partnerships that we are able to act as a leader in the movement for increased access to justice through innovations in tech to make legal services affordable for everyone.

As a lawyer from the USA, I have a deep understanding of the mental, emotional, and financial challenges my clients face as they deal with the trauma of being catapulted into a legal situation where they are unclear about their rights but know that they’ve been wronged. I moved to the UK shortly after becoming a licensed attorney to complete a master’s degree, where my dissertation project focused on demonstrating the power of harnessing tech in the legal industry to increase access to justice and the quality of services delivery. For my project, I invented the design and business model for a legal tech app that gives film students and early-career filmmakers access to legal services fast and free while still paying lawyers at competitive rates.

Why I joined Valla: After completing my MA program, I knew that I could make the biggest impact in the world by contributing my unique set of skills and my training as a lawyer to a company dedicated to empowering individuals through practical tools and education while disrupting the now-outdated traditional legal services model of high hourly billing rates that leaves millions of people around the world without adequate resources to protect themselves and invoke their rights. Valla is that company and I am so excited and proud to be a member of the team!