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A white woman of around 40, with glasses and greying hair tied back, with a cheery expression.

Lizzie Cass-Maran

Content and Accessibility Strategist

I am in charge of Valla’s digital content strategy and planning, as well as our accessibility and inclusivity strategies.

I spent over ten years as a Content Designer at the University of Edinburgh and I now freelance as a Content Accessibility Consultant as well as working for Valla.

It’s important to me that everyone understands the information we share. I have ADHD and chronic pain so I understand what a burden it can be to wade through a website that’s hard to make sense of. I don’t want anyone to have that experience with this site. 

Why I joined Valla: I saw a friend with a chronic pain condition being overloaded at work and then angrily criticised for not being able to cope. Eventually she had to quit, but couldn’t afford the money or effort to take any action, so her boss went on to treat other people in the same way. I’m proud to be working for a company that aims to make it easier for people like that to be brought to justice.  


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