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Sally Lloyd

Partnerships Manager

I am responsible for reaching out and building relationships with the wonderful clinics, charities and pro bono departments that support claimants in their quest for justice.

Beginning my career as an executive assistant in the arts and latterly the start-up world, I moved into operations and relationship management in 2015 and have been there ever since. I am part time at Valla and in the rest of my working time I support women founders in their company growth over at Project Jasmine Ltd. In my spare time I read like a fiend (and am part of a number of book groups!) and I wax lyrical about the software Notion.

I live and breathe that listening to all people is at the heart of any good company. If you get in touch with us through the Partnership page then you’ll likely end up speaking with me first (and I very much look forward to hearing from you).

Why I joined Valla: As a vocal female, I have been through my fair share of unpleasant work experiences and I’m keen to support Valla in their quest to make employers accountable for their actions and make sure that 23 year old Sally would know all the options available to her when needed.


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