Which Valla coaching package is right for me? 

Dealing with an employment issue without the support of a law firm can be scary and stressful - that’s why Valla offers 1-1 coaching in addition to our self-representation platform. But which package is right for you? Here’s a guided tour: 

If you’re trying to decide about making a Tribunal claim

Our Merits Assessment package is perfect for people in the grievance, disciplinary, or ACAS Early Conciliation stage. For example, you might be: 

  • Not getting anywhere with your employer and want to escalate issues
  • Trying to figure out if you have a legal case
  • Trying to decide how much to ask for in a settlement

When you purchase a Merits Assessment, we’ll ask you to upload a few key documents about your case and give us some context about your specific question. Then, one of our legal coaches will review your documents, then have a 1-hour call with you to talk through all the specifics. Afterwards, they’ll send you a report that will summarise: 

  • Your potential legal claims
  • How strong (or not strong!) your claims may be
  • An estimate of how much your claims could win
  • Next step recommendations

From there, you can decide if you want to file your ET1 Tribunal Claim form, settle, or move on with your life.

If you’re preparing for a Preliminary Hearing 

After you file your ET1 Tribunal Claim form, you will get a notification from the Tribunal giving you a date for a Preliminary Hearing. The Preliminary Hearing is a “pre-hearing” designed to manage the administration of the case, for example determining how many witnesses will be called. Most Tribunal cases have a Preliminary Hearing but some very straightforward claims like unpaid wages cases will go straight to final hearing. 

Preparing for a Case Management Preliminary Hearing

Our Preliminary Hearing Prep package for Case Management hearings is designed to help you get ready by: 

  • Walking you through the Case Management Agenda
  • Working on the List of Issues document with you (the most critical part of the PH!) 
  • Answering questions about your specific case 

When you purchase this package, you’ll be matched with a Legal Coach and will go through each of these points on a video call. All of our Legal Coaches have Tribunal experience so can help you work through your specific documents and case. 

Preparing for a Substantive Preliminary Hearing

Sometimes, the Tribunal orders a separate Preliminary Hearing to decide a specific issue, for example: 

  • To determine if the claimant has a disability
  • To determine if a claim is out of time 
  • To determine if a claim should be struck out

In these “Substantive” Hearings, you will need to prepare an argument and evidence. Our Preliminary Hearing Prep package for Substantive Hearings is designed to help with this. If for example you need to prove that you have a disability, your Valla Coach will help you write your Disability Impact Statement and prepare your evidence. Just like the other package, you and your Valla coach will talk 1-1 on a video call to get you ready. 

If you’re preparing for your Final Hearing

Finally, if you’ve passed your Preliminary Hearing, you’re now getting ready for your final hearing, which includes: 

  • Case Management Orders
  • Preparing evidence for the bundle 
  • Writing a Schedule of Loss 
  • Writing a Witness Statement 
  • Preparing for cross-examination 

This work is often very specific for each client, so we offer Tribunal Coaching packages of 3, 6 and 9 hours to help you along the way. On these packages, your Legal Coach can help you with anything from writing your Schedule of Loss to mock questioning you to practice for cross-examination – you and your coach can decide a plan of action tailored to you. 

If you need an extra pair of hands at a hearing

When you're representing yourself, it's hard to cover off everything on the day of a hearing - making your arguments, fending off the Respondent's requests and taking notes of it all. Our Hearing Support package makes that a little easier - a Valla coach can attend in a paralegal support capacity, taking detailed notes of the hearing so you can stay focused on the conversation. They'll also do a prep call before the hearing and a de-brief afterwards, so you'll get some moral support and a second pair of eyes as well as the Hearing notes.

Designed specifically for self-representers

All of our coaching packages are priced very affordably when compared to a traditional law firm’s prices – that’s because we’re supporting you as a “litigant in person,” or someone who represents themselves. Nearly 1 in 3 claimants now represent themselves in Employment Tribunal, and we’re the first UK platform designed specifically for these litigants in person. If you’re dealing with Employment Tribunal alone, check out our coaching packages to get a helping hand along the way!