All of Valla’s core features are free for everyone.

Our mission is to make legal support affordable to everyone, so we believe in clear, transparent pricing.

Free for everyone

All of Valla’s case planning features are included completely free

  • Our claim builder tool will help you translate what happened to you into the right legal terms
  • Store all the details and documents for your case in one private and secure place
  • Add evidence and other documents to Valla just by forwarding them to a secure email
  • Collect and organise all the evidence on a timeline to help tell your story
  • Get access to helpful guides and video content built into every stage of your case

Pay as you go (from £10)

Add DIY legal tools and support for a fraction of the cost of a lawyer

  • Personalised Tribunal and settlement coaching
  • Letter and document templates and action kits, with step-by-step forms and guides
  • ‘Peace of mind’ reviews for the letters and documents you create with our templates
  • Emotional wellbeing workshops and resources

See details and prices for all of our templates:

All Letter and Document Templates

What are the alternatives?

Compare the typical cost of a successful tribunal case with a lawyer to a DIY approach with Valla

Based on a ‘simple’ case with only one claim, one witness for each side, and a tribunal hearing that lasts just one day.

Cost of lawyer’s fees, including admin and paperwork

over £5,000

Cost of DIY case using Valla

under £800

Data based on Valla’s research and published estimates of a number of legal firms. These numbers are approximate, because all cases are different.

Valla has been designed to give self representers all the tools to resolve their employment issues themselves.

This can provide great value for money.

Using Valla with a lawyer

You can use Valla to gather and organise your evidence and create letters, and work with a lawyer for the parts you want expert help with. Many lawyers will be happy to work this way, and it’s a great way to reduce the cost of your case.

You can use the built-in sharing feature to give your lawyer access to the details and evidence you have already organised in Valla.

Getting a lawyer to run your case

However, if you would like someone else to take a more full service approach, then we would recommend that you seek out a solicitor to take on your case.

They will be able to do all of the admin and paperwork management for you, as well as providing more comprehensive legal advice.