Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Letter

What's included:

  • A step-by-step guide to sending an effective DSAR letter to your employer
  • A guided workflow to help you write your own DSAR letter
  • Downloadable letter in .doc and .pdf formats

How to get evidence for your Employment Tribunal with a Data Subject Access Request

If you’ve been unfairly treated by your employer, use a Data Subject Access Request letter - also known as a DSAR letter - to request your personal data from them. You can gather evidence of what’s been said about you and your role in conversations that you may not have been privy to.

Examples of when to use a DSAR to get evidence for Employment Tribunal

You can use our DSAR letter template to get information from various sources such as Slack messages, WhatsApp messages, emails, meeting notes and more. Here are some examples of when a data subject access request letter could be helpful:


Sienna is being bullied at work and her manager has ignored her requests for support in tackling this.

She has just raised a grievance and is thinking about making a claim to the Employment Tribunal at some point. However, she’s worried that she doesn’t have enough evidence to back up her claim.

She makes a DSAR to her employer to ask for copies of any Teams messages that have been exchanged between the two colleagues who have been bullying her, to the extent that these refer to her.


Jasper is being unfairly “managed out” by his employer in a sham redundancy process.

He is thinking about making a Tribunal claim in the future, but right now he wants to show his employer that he is going to stand up for himself and not let them get away with how they are treating him.

He makes a DSAR to his employer to ask for copies of any emails or WhatsApps between his managers that discuss his proposed redundancy.


How to send a DSAR letter to get evidence for Employment Tribunal

Once you’ve generated your Data Subject Access Request letter with Valla, you can:

  1. send the DSAR letter to your employer
  2. wait for your employer to come back to you
  3. allow them one calendar month to come back to you, from the first day after the request was received
  4. be aware however that they can extend this to three months
  5. make sure that you diarise to chase your employer if they haven’t come back to you in the timeframe you expected.

Why use Valla?

A law firm can cost anywhere from an initial consultation fee of £200 to £35,000+ plus VAT for Tribunal representation.

Valla offers users low-cost alternatives to pricey law firms. We can help guide you through the process and generate legal documents for your use.

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