ET1 Particulars of Claim Template

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  • A template document to use to complete section 8.2 of your ET1 Claim Form
  • Downloadable form in .doc and .pdf formats
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How to ensure your ET1 Particulars of Claim form is professional and effective

Completing the ET1 form is an essential part of making a Tribunal claim, and it’s incredibly important to get right. Use this template to set out the background and details of your claim. This part is called the Particulars of Claim in England and Wales, or the Paper Apart in Scotland. Our Particulars of Claim template splits down the Particulars of Claim into digestible chunks to guide you through building a professional and effective document.

Examples of how to use an ET1 Particulars of Claim template

Having a comprehensive and clear ET1 form will massively help your Tribunal case. Here are two examples of where you can use a great Particulars of Claim to help your case:


Harpreet has managed to fill in most of her ET1 form online.

However, she’s unsure how to structure and lay out section 8.2 of the form, which asks for a description of the background and details of the claim.

Harpreet uses Valla to complete her Particulars of Claim in order to answer section 8.2.


Jade has laid all of the facts out in a timeline and has identified the legal claims she wants to make.

She is ready to write her Particulars of Claim but needs some guidance in condensing what she needs to say into a clear and professional format.

She uses Valla to structure her timeline and legal claims into an effective Particulars of Claim.


How to use an ET1 Particulars of Claim form template to take your employer to Tribunal

When you’ve decided to take your employer to a Tribunal, you’ll need to fill in an ET1 form. Here’s how to make your employer take it seriously:

  1. complete your ET1 form online
  2. complete your Particulars of Claim section using the template in Valla
  3. upload your Particulars of Claim in Rich Text Format (RTF) and submit this along with your ET1.

Why use Valla?

A law firm can cost anywhere from an initial consultation fee of £200 to £35,000+ plus VAT for Tribunal representation.

Valla offers users low-cost alternatives to pricey law firms. We can help guide you through the process and generate legal documents for your use.

Lawyers can be expensive. But access to justice doesn’t have to be.