Grievance Appeal Letter Template

Unhappy or unsatisfied with the outcome of your workplace grievance? Appeal the decision with our Grievance Appeal letter template and guide.

  • A guided workflow to help you write your own Grievance Appeal letter.
  • Option to include a Peace of Mind check from a Valla coach to ensure your document is professional and taken seriously.
  • Downloadable letter in .doc and .pdf formats.
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The Claimant
1. I was employed by the respondent as a Car salesperson. My employment with the Respondent terminated on Feb. 16, 2023. The reason I left my role was due to resignation.

Ensuring your claim is taken seriously

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When to use a Grievance Appeal letter template

If you’re unhappy with the outcome of your grievance at work, you can appeal the decision. This template guides you step-by-step through writing a Grievance Appeal letter to your employer. You can use this to cover off your employer’s internal grievance process, and as a precursor to making a claim to the Tribunal.

Examples of when to use a Grievance Appeal letter template

You should use a Grievance Appeal letter if you’re unhappy with the outcome of your grievance. For example:


Greg has raised a grievance but his complaint was not upheld. He does not believe the grievance has been properly investigated.

He therefore sends a Grievance Appeal letter to his employer.


Aaliyah has raised a grievance but her complaint was only partially upheld.

She feels that the grievance process was not impartial because the person hearing the grievance was involved in the events she is complaining about.

She therefore sends a Grievance Appeal letter to her employer.


How to appeal against a grievance outcome using a letter template

Once you have finished writing a grievance appeal letter using a template, you should:

  1. send the Grievance Appeal Letter to your employer
  2. wait for your employer to come back to you
  3. take a note of any deadlines your employer has set under their grievance procedure (if this exists)
  4. diarise to chase your employer if they don’t come back to you on time.

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