Resignation Letter Template

What's included:

  • A letter template to write your resignation letter where you want to claim constructive dismissal.
  • Downloadable letter in .doc and .pdf formats.
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Why your resignation letter is important:

If you make a claim to the Employment Tribunal for constructive dismissal, you’ll need to show that you resigned because of your employer’s conduct. You’ll be able to refer to your resignation letter later as evidence for the Employment Tribunal, so you need to be explicit and honest in your resignation letter about your reasons for leaving.

Examples of when your resignation letter is important:


Chester has been bullied by a colleague for several months.

He has repeatedly raised this with his line manager and also the HR department, but nothing has been done about it. He has tried raising a formal grievance, but his employer didn’t investigate the grievance properly.

Chester has got to the point where he feels he has no choice but to resign, due to the company’s mismanagement of the situation, and the fact he still has to work alongside the bully.

He thinks this may amount to constructive dismissal and wants to write a resignation letter that demonstrates clearly that his reasons for leaving are linked to all of the incidents he’s experienced.


How to write your resignation letter for an Employment Tribunal:

When you’ve decided that you need to resign, you should start writing your resignation letter as soon as possible. You should:

  1. create the template in Valla
  2. send the resignation letter to your employer
  3. keep a copy of the letter and the date it was sent
  4. keep notes/copies of any response you get from your employer
  5. take the first step towards making your Tribunal claim, which is to contact ACAS to start the early conciliation process.

Why use Valla?

A law firm can cost anywhere from an initial consultation fee of £200 to £35,000+ plus VAT for Tribunal representation.

Valla offers users low-cost alternatives to pricey law firms. We can help guide you through the process and generate legal documents for your use.

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