Top Learnings from Lisa Murray

Don't be intimidated by the complexities of the law! With the right guidance, you can successfully take on a top law firm by yourself. Learn how to do it from someone who did it herself! Here are three top tips from Lisa Murray.

1. Case management deadlines are actually guidelines

If you’re going through the Tribunal process, the Judge may assign you some Case Management Orders (link to glossary). It may be really scary trying to fulfil some of these orders, just because they’re legal and you could get in trouble for not following them. But that’s not always the case!

Lisa made the mistake of assuming that deadlines were strict and ended up wasting a lot of time trying to meet them. In reality, the Tribunal often grants extensions, so don’t be afraid to ask for an extension - If you need some help, you can use our letter template to ask for one: Application for Extension of Time to Comply with Order.

2. Consider the practical aspects of the process

Sometimes the hardest part isn't gathering evidence for your claim but processing it. You’ll typically have to talk to your ex-employer’s solicitors and they’ll require a lot from you! But do you have the right tech needed to progress your claim?

Think about things like needing to scan documents and having to send files in their proper formats. Make sure you have the proper equipment or have access to the proper equipment, so you don’t run into issues like Lisa. You don’t want to have to scan dozens of pages of evidence with only a cell phone!

3. Help is available if you know how to look for it

The law is a complex subject. That’s why it takes people an average of 5 years to become a solicitor. Self-representers like you don’t have that kind of time. But what you do have is access to the internet!

There’s a wealth of information out there, you just need to learn how to look for it. The UK Government has a database of Tribunal cases you can use and learn from, and of course, you can find lots of helpful information, free guides and resources with Valla.

Need some more advice? Watch the full webinar to learn how Lisa, a self-representer was able to successfully take on a top law firm here.