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A screenshot of the Valla platform on a mobile phone, showing the Claim Builder. The heading is 'What is this claim for?'. Below is the start of a list of buttons describing claim types in plain language:

'I've been discriminated against'

'I was targeted because I made or helped with a discrimination or sexual harassment complaint – victimisation'

'I was sexually harassed

This includes any conduct of a sexual nature that created a hostile, intimidating or humiliating environment.'

'I was harassed based on a protected characteristic

This includes any conduct that created a hostile, intimidating or humiliating environment.'A screenshot of the Valla platform on a laptop showing the case dashboard. It has sections for Claims and Timeline. Two claims have been added to the case, for 'harassment based on sex' and 'victimisation'.

There is a navigation menu on the left hand side, with options for 'Dashboard', 'My Case', 'Templates' and 'Coaching'

Designed especially for

Screenshot of the Documents page

The title is 'All documents'

There's an entry for a document called 'Grievance_email_2023-09-03.txt' with a link to the document, tag categorising it as 'Emails and other communications', and the date it was last edited.

There are icon buttons to edit, download or delete the document.

Easily manage your own case in one secure place

All your case details, evidence and documents stored in one private and secure place.

Screenshot of the Claim Builder:

New claim

Heading: What is this claim for?

Remember, you can make more than one claim for the same events. In fact it's very common in tribunal cases to bring multiple related claims. Once you finish this claim just add another.

Button: I've been discriminated against

Button: I've been targeted because I made or helped with a complaint

Similar options continue off the bottom of the screenshot

Translate what happened to you into legal terms

The key to a strong case is knowing which laws were broken. The Valla platform helps you identify your claims and important legal tests.

Screenshot of an add-on detail card:

Merits Assessment

- Legal review of your claims and evidence
- Document summarising your case's strengths with recommendations
- 1-hour call to talk through case strategy
- A summary of what you could win at Tribunal


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Valla are excellent

I genuinely believe they helped guide me to the best possible outcome for my specific circumstances. They are a choir of angels; I wouldn't have been able to consider going through the processes involved with my experience without their support.


Excellent low-cost employment tribunal guidance

I have just won my employment tribunal case for unfair dismissal, and I'm not sure if I would have been able to do it without Valla! Katie and Danae were absolutely brilliant in helping me prepare for the tribunal, prepare certain documents, and help me to feel confident in my case! I would highly recommend Valla to anyone who is representing themselves in an employment tribunal case! 10/10 for me!


If I didn’t get help from Valla, I couldn’t go forward with the case.

The confidence they gave me is beyond description.


How much does Valla cost?

Valla is on a mission to make legal support affordable to everyone, so we believe in clear, transparent pricing.

All of Valla’s case management features are free to everyone. Additional legal document templates and coaching are available as fixed priced, pay-as-you-go services.