A new platform for resolving your grievance or employment issue

If you've been bullied, harassed, discriminated against or unfairly dismissed at work and don't know what to do next, you're in the right place.
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Get your story straight, once and for all

No need to keep going over your story again and again - lay out everything that happened in a simple timeline view so you can tell it all clearly.

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Upload and organise your evidence

Organise the emails, documents and messages to make your case, and automatically save all your correspondence into one place.

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Generate tribunal and settlement documents

Generate the documents you need, including grievance letters, the ET1 particulars of claim, witness statements, settlement and more.

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If you want extra security, you can select from our list of qualified legal professionals who can review your documents and answer questions for a fixed fee.

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About Valla

Valla is on a mission to make legal support affordable for everyone. Injustice happens every day in the UK and the truth is, most people can't afford to do anything about it.

We want to change that, starting with unfair treatment at work. Even a simple tribunal case can cost £6,000 or more in solicitor's fees, which most people can't afford. Instead, more and more people are representing themselves at employment tribunal and need help. Our tool helps collect your evidence, create the documents you need and know what the next step is at tribunal.

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