Discrimination First Aid training

If you feel powerless about workplace discrimination, there's a new way to help.

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Workplace discrimination is everywhere in the UK.

70% of Black and Asian people face racial harassment at work.

52% of women have been victims of unwanted sexual behaviours at work.

Marginalised people suffer, yet most issues go unresolved for heartbreaking reasons:

  • People don’t realise that they only have three months to make a claim
  • People don’t know about the grievance processes at work
  • People don’t know their rights and how to use them

How can you help?

You can help by becoming a first responder in times of crisis – someone that people can come to for help, trained in the basics of what rights employees have, discrimination law and work and what steps they can take next.

For comparison, think of a mental health first aider or even a union representative.

After this training, you will be able to:

  • Help people understand their rights
  • Help them understand what their options are
  • Direct them to resources that they can use

How does it work?

To become a Discrimination First Aider, you will undergo a four-week online training programme to learn:

  • The 9 protected characteristics and the Equality Act of 2010
  • The difference between types of discrimination, like direct and indirect discrimination
  • Case studies of real discrimination situations and why they were found to be illegal
  • What people's options are if they think they're being discriminated against at work
  • Tactics and tools for managing a grievance, ACAS concilliation, settlement and details about how to escalate to a Tribunal claim

More details

  • Join a community of other discrimination first aiders
  • Get a free “top up” training session every year
  • Learn online at your own pace - approximately 6-8 hours total

What is the fee?

£39 for individuals self-funding
£149 for business funding

(prices include VAT, discounts available for non-profits and custom workshop pricing available)

Who is providing this training?

The training is being provided by Valla, who have built a platform to allow people to resolve their own employment issues when they can’t afford a law firm. Valla’s team is a mix of lawyers and technologists, and the course is designed by employment law lawyers and experts.

Photo of two women in front of a building
Valla’s founders, Danae Shell and Kate Ho

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