Free ebook: how to win your workplace battles

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Learn how to identify your leverage, build a solid argument, review your options and resolve your employment issue.

What does the ebook include?

✅ 25 pages of step-by-step guidance, examples and tips

✅ The main UK laws that employers often violate

✅ Pros and cons of each option you can take

✅ Instructions to build leverage before raising an issue

Who is this ebook for?

✅ If you’ve been dismissed and you think it was unlawful

✅ If you feel like you’re being forced out of your job

✅ If you raised an important issue and feel like you’re being punished for it

✅ If you experienced something at work that you think was illegal

✅ If you're in England, Scotland or Wales

✅ If you want to know, what can I do about it? How do I hold my employer accountable and resolve this situation? 

This toolkit was created for you. It will guide you through identifying exactly what's wrong, then help you lay out an action plan and checklist for your next steps.

Who created this toolkit?

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This guide was created by Valla, the free legal platform for UK workers.

You can use Valla to raise a complaint, settle with your employer or go to Tribunal. Send professional legal documents without the huge legal costs.

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