About Valla

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Our mission

Accessing justice can be expensive and overwhelming, just at the point in your life when you most need things to be simple. Here at Valla, our mission is to break down these barriers.

We aim to reduce the cost of taking your case to an Employment Tribunal by 90%.

Who is Valla for?

Valla is for the women crying in the loo at work. It’s for the trans people scared of being sidelined if they come out. It’s for the disabled people who want to keep the access that remote working has brought. It’s for part time workers who deserve a promotion. It’s for people working the gig economy who’ve been told they’re replaceable. It’s for all the people being devalued at work because they’re the wrong age, wrong colour, or wrong gender.

It’s for everyone who feels overwhelmed by how complicated and expensive it can be to stand up for your rights at work.

How Valla helps you

If you’re being treated badly at work, we are here to help.

Our free platform radically simplifies legal paperwork, so you can collect evidence, generate forms, and send letters yourself without paying for a law firm.

Our story

photo of Kate Ho and Danae Shell smiling

Kate and Danae are two tech industry leaders based in Scotland. They first met when they worked together at the same startup business, and instantly became friends.

Over the years, they kept in touch. Sometimes offering advice or being a shoulder to cry on. But over and over again, they found their conversations to be about the bullying they had experienced at work. They had also seen colleagues be mistreated, and watched their friends decide not to take action against racist, homophobic, or misogynistic employers because they didn't know what to do or couldn't afford it.

Enough was enough, so in 2019 they started using their tech knowledge to make a better workplace future. They wanted to create something which helps people  understand their rights, and be empowered to take action in an affordable manner. Using Kate's product and coding knowledge and Danae's marketing prowess, Valla was born.

Our team - find out more about the people behind Valla.

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We are guides, not lawyers

Although we have experienced lawyers on our team, we’re not a law firm. We’re a team of tech professionals who are sick of seeing discrimination and harassment at work.

Our guide articles help you understand the basics of employment law. When you do need personalised legal advice, you can share your case with a legal professional. This means you end up paying a fraction of the legal fees and getting more value for money.

Our team

Valla is a small, diverse team of dedicated people who have all seen injustice at work and are dedicated to help fight it.

You might end up chatting to any of our team if you need help using our platform, from the CEO to our developers and advisors. That’s because we know how important it is for all of us to keep in touch with the real issues you’re having.

Get to know us by reading through our profile pages.