Application for Unless Order Letter Template

What's included:

  • A letter template to apply to the Employment Tribunal for a strike out of the Respondent's ET3 Response, or part of it
  • Downloadable letter in .doc and .pdf formats
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How to get the Tribunal to issue an ‘unless order’ to your employer

An Employment Tribunal ‘unless order’ is as simple as saying that unless the party complies, they won’t be able to progress. What this means for you is that if your employer does not comply with the Tribunal’s orders, you may be able to resolve your case sooner rather than later.

Use this application for ‘unless order’ template where the Respondent has failed to comply with Case Management Orders that the Employment Tribunal has made, and you want the Tribunal to order that their response or part of it will be dismissed unless they comply by a certain date.

Examples of when you can make an application for an ‘unless order’

If your employer has failed to comply with the Tribunal’s orders, you can make an application for an ‘unless order’. For example:


The Respondent in Elise’s Tribunal claim has submitted their ET3 and attended the Preliminary Hearing, but since then has failed to comply with any Case Management Orders. In particular, they have not complied with the order for disclosure of Lists of Documents, or the order to provide a Hearing Bundle.

Elise writes to the Tribunal to ask them to make an unless order, requiring that unless the Respondent complies with the previous Case Management Orders for exchange of Lists of Documents and agreeing of the Hearing Bundle, their response will be dismissed.


How to make an unless order to the Employment Tribunal

Once you’ve filled out your template with Valla, you can send your application for ‘unless order’ to the Employment Tribunal. You should:

  1. create the template in Valla
  2. send the application letter or email to the Tribunal
  3. copy in the Respondent
  4. wait for the Tribunal to confirm whether or not the application for an unless order will be granted
  5. chase the Tribunal by phone if you don’t hear from them
  6. don’t assume that the application has been granted until the Tribunal have confirmed this.

Why use Valla?

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