Application to Amend Claim Template

What's included:

  • A letter template to apply to the Employment Tribunal to amend your ET1 claim form or Particulars of Claim/Paper Apart.
  • Downloadable letter in .doc and .pdf formats
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How to use an Application to Amend Claim form to update your Tribunal claim

If you’ve already submitted your ET1 or Particulars of Claim - also called Paper Apart in Scotland - and need to change it at a later date, you’ll need to explain the reason for the change to an Employment Tribunal. The Tribunal won’t always allow amendments to be made. Use this application to amend ET1 template to give yourself the best chance for the Tribunal to accept your amendment.

Bear in mind that if you want to add a new claim, it may be better to do this by making a fresh claim, instead of making an application to amend. You can then ask for this to be consolidated with your original case.

Examples of when you would need an application to amend your claim form

Generally, to make an amendment to your ET1 or Particulars of Claim form, you would need to apply to the Tribunal. For example:


Marianne originally made a claim for constructive unfair dismissal and breach of contract.

In her Particulars of Claim she had also intended to plead a whistleblowing detriment claim.

The Respondent disputes that this formed part of Marianne’s original claim.

Marianne therefore makes an application to amend her claim.


Jimmy has noticed a typo in his Particulars of Claim where it refers to an important date.

He makes an application to the Tribunal to amend his claim to correct this.


How to apply to amend your ET1

Once you’ve filled out your template with Valla, it’s important to know the next steps in how to send your application to amend your claim form. You should:

  1. create the template in Valla
  2. attach a clean copy of the updated Particulars of Claim and a version with track changes on, so that the Tribunal can easily see the changes that you’ve made since the previous version
  3. send the application letter or email to the Tribunal
  4. copy in the Respondent
  5. wait for the Tribunal to confirm whether or not the application to amend will be granted
  6. chase the Tribunal by phone if you don’t hear from them
  7. don’t assume that the application has been granted until the Tribunal have confirmed this.

Why use Valla?

A law firm can cost anywhere from an initial consultation fee of £200 to £35,000+ plus VAT for Tribunal representation.

Valla offers users low-cost alternatives to pricey law firms. We can help guide you through the process and generate legal documents for your use.

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