Mitigation of Losses Template

What's included:

  • A document template to keep a record of and demonstrate your mitigation of losses.
  • Downloadable document in .doc and .pdf formats.
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Why use mitigation of losses:

In the Employment Tribunal, you have a duty to reduce the financial losses you have experienced. For example if you have lost your job, you should conduct a search for a new job or get medical evidence to show why you have not done so. Otherwise, the Tribunal may reduce the amount of compensation it awards.

Examples of when mitigation of losses apply:

If you’re claiming compensation for financial losses, you’ll need to show mitigation of losses in your Employment Tribunal case. Here are a couple of examples of this happening:


Reuben is making a claim for unfair dismissal.

Since his dismissal 10 months ago, he’s been unable to find another full-time job, although he’s recently started working as a delivery driver which is bringing in a small amount of income. He’s applied for 9 jobs since he was dismissed, but has been unsuccessful.

Reuben keeps note of his efforts to find new work and the earnings he’s had, using our mitigation of losses template.


Ximena is making a claim for disability discrimination and constructive dismissal.

She is claiming that she’s lost 12 months’ worth of wages as a result of being constructively dismissed. She applied for a few jobs shortly after resigning but was unsuccessful. She then fell ill which meant she was unable to continue looking for roles.

Ximena keeps note of her job applications and responses, and the evidence around her sickness, using our mitigation of losses template.


How to show your mitigation of losses for an Employment Tribunal:

As soon as possible when you make an Employment Tribunal claim, start thinking about how you can mitigate your losses and demonstrate to the Tribunal that you’ve tried to do this. You should:  

  1. create the template in Valla
  2. keep the template updated throughout your Tribunal case
  3. send the document and evidence to the Respondent at the disclosure stage
  4. make sure there is a copy in the Hearing Bundle
  5. refer the Tribunal to this if you win your case, to help them to decide how much compensation to award to you.

Why use Valla?

A law firm can cost anywhere from an initial consultation fee of £200 to £35,000+ plus VAT for Tribunal representation.

Valla offers users low-cost alternatives to pricey law firms. We can help guide you through the process and generate legal documents for your use.

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