Share your story to help others like you

Show people being treated unfairly at work that they're not alone, and what others have done in similar situations.

How will my story be used

Your story will be published anonymously in our collection of real stories to help people identify the situation they’re in.

How will this help anyone?

We’ve spent months interviewing women who experienced all kinds of problems at work - harassment, sexual assault, maternity discrimination, bullying, pay inequality and more.

All of these women had one thing in common: they all felt alone, isolated, and weren’t really sure what was happening or who to talk to.

We call it the “labelling” stage, since they need to name the problem before they can deal with it. So many people go months or even years in this stage without knowing what to do, all because of a culture of secrecy and isolation.

We want to change that, and this anonymous collection of stories is our first step. Our goal here is to help someone recognise what situation they’re in and know they’re not alone. It’s that simple.

The stories don’t need to have a happy ending or any ending at all. They’re just there to lift the veil of secrecy. Valla also provides advice and tools to help people decide what to do next - but first they need to know what’s happening.

Will my story be anonymous?


We hand-check every story before it goes live to make sure you’re not posting any identifiable details. We only ask for very high-level information about your country and industry, and never want you to share your name or your employer’s name.

Who is Valla?

Valla was started by two women who have worked in the technology industry for the last 15 years. We’ve built products and companies in finance, care, mental health and gaming, and we’re ready to use our combined experience for good.

We’re tired of hearing the same stories over and over about discrimination and harassment, and our goal is to help people use their legal rights. You can read more about us here.