Our Team

Juniper Preston

Lead Developer

I am responsible for building Valla’s apps and infrastructure. This mostly means writing code to turn our product visions into a reality for users.

I’ve been an engineer for about ten years now, helping to build everything from industrial design software to Skyscanner’s SEO. More recently I’ve worked in Edinburgh at a social care startup and then NHS Scotland’s digital arm.

Access to critical services like justice, health and social care is often disproportionately limited. I believe that technology must be built to be accessible and usable, allowing everyone to exercise their rights.

Why I joined Valla: We’ve all seen or lived through discrimination and other bad experiences at work, and most of us wouldn’t know where to start taking action. Traditionally, many wouldn’t be able to afford that action either. I’m really proud to work toward empowering people and making it possible for anybody to stand up for themselves.