Four top learnings from May's Support Group

May's support group was incredible, and we're so thankful to everyone who contributed their experiences and insights. Here were the most noteworthy lessons learned:

Attend other Tribunal hearings

The best way to mentally prepare for your own Tribunal is to attend others. You'll get a sense of how everything works and what to expect, which should help put your mind at ease. To attend a hearing, simply send an email requesting permission to your local Employment Tribunal.

Reading the ET3 will be shocking

It's likely that your employer will deny, lie, and gaslight you throughout the process. Expect the lies to be front and centre when it comes to reading their response to your ET1. Have a good support system when going through it the first time to help keep you motivated and strong!

Use the ET3 to your benefit

The ET3 can be an emotional piece to have to read, but you can use it for your benefit. Donna used her employer's ET3 to help produce her witness statement. As the document goes over their actions, you can use it to form the base around your statement, ensuring it's rock solid.

Taking everything in during your Preliminary Hearing

Depending on the type of hearing, it can be tricky to keep up. Donna recorded her hearing for the purpose of taking notes, but other participants were explicitly told not to record. Remember to ask your Judge if this is allowed before you start recording.

If you're concerned about missing something important during your Preliminary Hearing, you can use our Hearing Support service to have someone take notes for you and take some of the stress off.

Need help preparing for an upcoming Preliminary Hearing?

Our newest coaching packages are specifically designed to provide you with support and guidance to ensure you are prepared for your Preliminary Hearing.

Case Management Preliminary Hearing Preparation

Dedicated time with an experienced coach to help you prepare for your Case Management Preliminary Hearing, including:

  • A call to work through your Case Management Agenda
  • A call to help you with your List of Issues
  • A review of both documents by your coach via email

Substantive Preliminary Hearing Preparation

Support from a legal coach for a Preliminary Hearing where you need to make an argument (Substantive Hearing), including:

  • 3 strategy calls to help you prepare your argument and get ready for your hearing
  • A review of your prep materials and documents before your hearing