New: Personalised Tribunal support options

Unleash the power of knowledge and guidance in your Tribunal process with Valla's Tribunal Coaching and Hearing Support services! Receive personalised and expert support from experienced coaches who will be there to help you every step of the way. Learn more about our options for you below.

Tribunal Coaching

We’re opening up more options to support litigants-in-person, including slots in the evenings and weekends! Get personalised support for your claim with an expert Tribunal Coach.

Our coaches can help with:

  • Case strategy - talk through your claims and evidence to decide what to focus on
  • Answering questions about the process - for example, how do I prepare for my Preliminary Hearing?
  • Tactics - help to decide how to deal with incoming letters/documents as they come in
  • Moral support - a friendly ear from someone who has supported many other people through a similar process!

We offer blocks of 3, 6, and 9 hours.

You can book time with your Tribunal coach for Zoom or phone calls in blocks of 1 hour and can spread the hours any way you want. If you are booking for note-taking, we'll come back to confirm your hearing dates and get our coach booked.

Get the support you need with a Tribunal coach today.

Tribunal Coaching customers also get a 20% discount on all Peace of Mind checks for documents including witness statements, applications to amend, and more.

Hearing Support

During the Tribunal, you’ll be busy trying to take everything in. Take some stress off yourself and have someone take notes during your case.

Your Hearing Support coach will:

  • Have a call with you before your hearing to answer questions and understand your priorities
  • Attend the telephone/virtual hearing and take notes, focusing particularly on any actions and deadlines
  • Do a de-brief with you after the hearing and help you plan next steps
  • Upload all notes, actions and deadlines into your Valla account for you to take forward

We offer a Preliminary Hearing package. If you need additional support for full-day or multi-day hearings, please send us an email at [email protected].

Hearing Support customers also get a 20% discount on all peace of mind checks for documents including witness statements, applications to amend, and more.

Affordable payment assistance with Klarna

We have now added Klarna as a payment option for both Tribunal Coaching and Hearing Support, allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase over three months, interest-free. You can read more about Klarna's three-month payment option here.

To use this option, click any of the "buy" options above and choose the pink Klarna icon as your payment choice.

Please note:

Valla is not a law firm and our coaches are not acting as your lawyer and can’t represent you. If you enter into a settlement agreement with your employer outside of ACAS conciliation you will need to get a lawyer to check it, typically your employer pays this fee.

We are here to help you run your case, providing you the support you need to confidently take on your employer through the often confusing Tribunal process.