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Your rights at work

Everyone has rights in the workplace. When employed, employee rights are the moral or legal entitlement an employee has that ensures fair treatment in the workplace.

Where to start

Treated unfairly at work? Here’s how to show your employer you mean business

When you’re treated badly at work and want your employer to make it right, it’s hard to know what to do next. Learn how to show your employer you mean business.

13 minute read

What are my rights returning to work after maternity leave?

Pregnancy and maternity is a protected characteristic under UK law, but discrimination still happens. We answer some common questions surrounding maternity leave.

10 minute read

I’ve been dismissed: what are my rights?

If you’ve lost your job, your first thought might be “was it fair”? In this article, we’ll help you understand if your dismissal was lawful and explain your rights.

11 minute read

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Help a friend or colleague

  • Become a discrimination first aider

    Become a first responder in times of crisis – someone that others can come to for help, trained in the basics of what rights employees have, discrimination law and work and what steps they can take next.

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