My employer didn’t follow their policy on workplace harassment

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I was employed in the social care sector, and I loved my job. Getting to help people in need was incredibly rewarding and I was proud to go to work every single day. Some days were definitely tougher than others, but I always came back with a positive attitude.

When it changed

The trouble started when one of my colleagues started behaving aggressively towards me. I felt threatened and intimated. I used to love my work, but after the altercation, I didn’t feel safe there anymore.

I did what a lot of people would have done: I reported it and wrote a grievance. I thought I was doing the right thing to keep myself safe.

Unfortunately, my workplace didn’t seem to agree.

Despite submitting a formal grievance, I never heard back from them. I assumed they would have told me verbally, but there was no communication from them at all. I even asked for the outcome in writing, and they still stayed silent.

My grievance was never talked about again. But they did do something, and it was unexpected.

What happened after my grievance

Prior to my grievance, I never had an issue with getting more hours at work. However, after I submitted one, my work reduced my hours to what was stated on my contract and not a single one more. 

They also sent me a probationary review meeting letter stating that my “code of conduct needed addressing”. The letter was very intimidating as one of the outcomes could have led to my being terminated.

But I was so confused. My code of conduct had never been called into question before. Their attitude completely changed after I submitted my grievance. It felt as if I was being punished for it. It was especially weird since their company policy said that they didn’t tolerate bullying or aggressive and intimidating behaviour between staff members.

But they were intimidating me now.

I ultimately resigned because I felt there was nothing I could do to get my job back. I loved my job, but I couldn’t stand being mistreated.

If I could go back, I would have joined a union. They would have helped me in getting the justice I deserved.

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