I was bullied for over a year due to a mistake

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I was employed as an office administrator for a gas and plumbing company in March 2020. I was never properly trained, maybe due to the pandemic, but I always tried my best to ensure a good quality of work.

Making my mistake

However, in September 2021, I had made a mistake due to my lack of training and was disciplined for it. My employer didn’t follow their disciplinary procedure nor did they follow ACAS’ procedure. They then tried to discipline me again two months later for the same thing. I had to explain to grown men 20+ years older than me, that legally they could not do this.

Since then, they’ve demoted, bullied, humiliated and isolated me for 10 months afterwards. It wasn’t until my line manager stood up for me and explained that I didn’t deserve to be bullied over a mistake. They offered me a settlement after that conversation. I then went on leave as I was diagnosed with psychotic depression due to their treatment.

However, they’ve also now informed me that I face further disciplinary action when I return as I removed my personal information from their database as I was tired of being harassed by company managers and their friends within the company. I filed a claim through ACAS and we’re currently in Early Conciliation.

Looking back

I’m still currently going through this horrible situation, but I don’t plan on giving up. I’m lucky enough that I have my evidence, evidence that I was able to get with Valla’s DSAR letter. I would encourage others in similar scenarios to do lots of research to figure out if what you’re going through is illegal, reach out and ask if you have questions, and most importantly, keep the faith that while you were wronged, it will be put right in the end.

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