The Valla guide to
Employment Tribunal

The Employment Tribunal is a UK court responsible for hearing claims from people who think their employer has treated them unlawfully.

These guides will explain how the court works and how to make a tribunal claim.

Where to start

Self representation is surging in Employment Tribunals - 7 tools that can help

Nearly 1 in 3 Employment Tribunal cases are now brought by claimants who are representing themselves. These “litigants in person” face a complex, confusing system, but there are tools and resources that can help.

4 minute read

How much time do I have? Deadlines and timescales around Employment Tribunals

If you’re thinking about making a claim in the Employment Tribunal, you’ll need to move quickly. Learn about some of the key time requirements for a Tribunal claim.

12 minute read

Your employer’s legal obligations when you file a tribunal claim

Taking your employer to an Employment Tribunal? Or just thinking about it? Learn what you can legally expect from your employer when filing a claim.

8 minute read

Making a claim to an employment tribunal on ACAS

You must tell Acas first before making a claim to an employment tribunal about a workplace dispute. Learn more about the process with ACAS.

3 minute read

How to fill in your ET1 Employment Tribunal claim form

The ET1 form is the first step in your Employment Tribunal case. It’s important to get it right to help save yourself time and hassle.

7 minute read

Tribunal guides

Video lessons from Valla

Examples of real tribunal cases

Real examples of employment tribunal claims for workplace discrimination, and why they succeeded or failed.

How to take action

Templates you can use in tribunal cases

These document and letter templates are useful in cases of tribunal.

  • ET1 Particulars of Claim template

    Get the ET1 form right with our Particulars of Claim template. Set out the background and details of your Tribunal claim, professionally and effectively.


Other useful resources