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I Found Out I Was Being Underpaid and Nobody Cared

Over and over again, I hear other women say they get f*cked over because of pay. So, I want to share my story to bring to light...


My Manager Bullied Me Until I Quit

In the beginning, it was just a little bit weird - my manager was really controlling but I thought this must just be how things work in the UK...


My Boss Stole My Ideas, and I Wasn’t the Only One

At first, I felt he had issues just with me as he would block a lot of my ideas take my work and present it in a way that made...


I nearly came out as trans at work, then heard awful transgender slurs

Because they saw me as 'on their side' they would regularly criticise and insult my coworkers behind their backs, call customers sexist and racist names...


My department head didn't even bother learning my name

I didn't realise what a boy's club it was until the Head of IT came over to our bank of desks to laughingly chat with the other boys in my team about...


My boss said I didn't qualify for redundancy because of a career break

My boss told me that I was being made redundant. I wasn't too upset about it. I knew the company had been struggling. What shocked me was...