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Indirect discrimination

Indirect discrimination happens when your workplace has a policy or a rule that can treat a group with a protected characteristic negatively compared to a group without that characteristic.

Where to start

What is the difference between direct and indirect discrimination?

The Equality Act 2010 classifies “direct” and “indirect” discrimination separately. Learn how to identify the different types of discrimination to help your case.

5 minute read

Video lessons from Valla

Examples of real indirect discrimination cases

Real examples of employment tribunal claims for workplace discrimination, and why they succeeded or failed.

How to take action

Templates you can use in indirect discrimination cases

These document and letter templates are useful in cases of indirect discrimination.

Help a friend or colleague

  • Become a discrimination first aider

    Become a first responder in times of crisis – someone that others can come to for help, trained in the basics of what rights employees have, discrimination law and work and what steps they can take next.

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